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Andrew O'Hagan
07813 109819

About Me

Hello! I'm Andrew. Thank you for visiting my page.

I aim to offer a space where you feel welcome and comfortable to share whatever is concerning you. I will be unconditionally accepting of you exactly as you are without imposing judgement or expectations. I want to emphasise there is no problem too big or too small to address, I am here to discuss whatever is important to you. 


I am comfortable working with many issues, but have experience with individuals who have challenges with ADHD and Autism, childhood trauma, anxiety, self esteem, or feel their life has no clear direction. 

How I work


The heart of Person-centred philosophy is that a genuinely truthful conversation is curative. In our sessions I will endeavour to always tell the truth regardless of how uncomfortable it is, but always done with kindness and compassion, as I believe this is where the best answers, solutions and insights can be found. 


Many of the psychological issues we all face are the result of problematic relationships, and therefore can only be healed in healthy, safe relationships. I aim to build such a connection with you rooted in complete honesty, transparency and understanding. 


Together we can explore a topic in an open ended way or strategise and set out goals to overcome a specific issue. 

Additional Information 


Please get in touch to organise a free 20 minute call. I will leave it to you to reach out should you feel we are a good fit and wish to work together. 


Sessions are priced at  £50 for 60 minutes.

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